Ac-130: operation devastation.AC-130: Operation Devastation (PC) Specs & Prices


Ac-130: operation devastation


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AC Operation Devastation (PC) overview and full product specs on CNET. Dec 28,  · Download the AC Operation Devastation pc game download file. Click the setup file if prompted and the online launcher will automatically download AC Operation Devastation pc game download on your computer. It`s free and safe to use all Files downloaded from our website So download [title] then lunch setup installer to any folder and run. Destruye al enemigo con munición ilimitada en Panamá, Vietnam e Iraq en 6 misiones de acción rápida del modo Arcade. Domina y actualiza las armas de la AC y determina cuándo necesitas utilizarlas durante tu misión. Nuevo y usado (3) desde US$ + US$ envío/5(34).


Ac-130: operation devastation.Ac Operation Devastation – CNET Download

May 15,  · AC Operation Devastation is a modern war simulator. It puts you in command of the guns on an AC Gunship, one of the deadliest military aircraft in existence. The ship usually carries a rather large array of weapons, but in the game you . AC Operation Devastation (PC) overview and full product specs on : Valusoft. Description AC Operation Devastation is a first person shooting game where the player is the gunner of a Lockheed AC gunship. The player only has control over the gunship’s weapons and can not affect it’s movement. Therefore the gameplay is similar to a rail shooter.
AC-130: Operation Devastation
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AC-130: Operation Devastation (PC) Specs & Prices
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Italian Police Use SGI’s Virtual Reality To Work

Forensic laboratory RiTriDEC (Ricostruzione Tridimensionale della Dinamica dell?Evento criminale,
Italy) began using a first-of-its-kind solution based on a visualization system from Silicon Graphics (SGI) for
reconstruction of crime scenes, from the trajectory of a bullet to the movement of different
objects with stunning realism.

The system is the most advanced virtual reality theater for forensic analysis. It is used by the Investigation Department of the Italian State Police Polizia Scientifica Italiana?s Unita? per l?Analisi del Crimine Violento “, who is known for his skill in the investigation of international murders.

“One of the most important advantages of the system is the ability to clarify the event, looking through the eyes of different witnesses: to assess the reality of the disposition, to check the individual conditions of the crime scene,” says Carlo Bui, inspector. “This helps us answer very specific questions:
what the victim could see? What the witness could see? What was the distance between the door and the sofa?”.

Bui reports that SGI’s system is particularly good at showing complex events, such as a bullet moving along a specific trajectory, making the calculations of ballistics experts easily perceived by others. Experts see the screen in stereo.

The heart of the Reality Center imaging system ? six-processor computer
SGI Onyx InfiniteReality4, which drives three Barco projectors, as well as a speaker and stereoscopic system. Images are displayed on the screen
5.5 x 2 m, ? big enough to reconstruct a real crime with
very high level of realism.

Virtual 3D crime scenes help investigators visualize everything from on-site recordings to laser measurements,
the Reality Center system also receives video from surveillance perimeter cameras. Objects can be placed in positions relative to the victim, attacker or bystander. SGI can double-check distances and calculate the exact angle of the sun. Conversion of raw data into a finished 3D model usually takes place within 24 hours.

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