Ac 130 operation devestation.


Ac 130 operation devestation





Ac 130 operation devestation.


ATOP: Albatron AGP-to-PCI Express Adapter

We have already begun to get used to the incipient influx of motherboards with PCI Express support. However, what if the user still has an AGP graphics card, which for one reason or another hesitates to give to the “landfill”? Albatron has developed an ATOP (AGP-to-PCI Express) adapter card specifically for this case, which allows the use of an AGP 8x graphics adapter in a motherboard with PCI Express support.

Since many users are hesitant about new motherboards using the PCI Express bus, as this means additional costs for purchasing a new graphics adapter, such an adapter and the like, if they appear, will certainly find their niche.

According to the source, the cost of ATOP will be about $ 20.

Based on materials from CD-R Info and Albatron sites