Acer universal serial bus drivers.


Acer universal serial bus drivers





Acer universal serial bus drivers.


Intel Professional Business Platform: AMT goes to the masses!

It seems that the role of the creator of platforms, which are based on Intel processors, turned out to be very much to the taste of the company: as many probably remember that at the spring IDF Intel presented the concepts of mobile PCs, which are a portable multimedia terminal for a digital home and a “mobile office”. Now Intel is going to develop another direction, which was listed in the number of priorities last year: Professional Business Platform.

As the name implies, the platform is intended for those professionals for whom the computer is the main tool of their daily work. The Professional Business Platform is expected to be unveiled this month, followed by another PC concept for home use. Home platform will be built on the basis of a dual-core Pentium, while the Professional Business Platform will include features for simplified system management and security settings.

One of the important features of the Professional Business Platform is that PCs based on it will provide the ability to monitor the state of the system even when the PC is turned off or its operating system has “died”.

Thus, this step by Intel is the implementation of out-of-band technologies for a fairly wide class of users (the company began talking about its intentions to use out-of-band functions last year, mentioning Active Management Technology (AMT)), and for sure the company wants to see its platform as a de facto standard for such technologies – in spite of AMD, which is promoting a similarly features, but completely open architecture for servers.

PCs based on the Professional Business Platform are expected to go on sale later this year.