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Asus P8ZV LX Realtek Audio Driver / for XP/ Vista, Windows 7 1, downloads. Aug 21,  · I installed win 10 On my p8z68 v pro gen 3 yesterday. Windows 10 only installed Intel graphics driver [that’s not related to mobo rather cpu] & installed realtek audio driver [this one bundled with mobo]. But still no USB 3 driver & others are not available for my mobo. Nov 18,  · Just got a new P8ZV LX and I gotta say, so far I’ve never seen such a buggy piece of hardware. Whenever I enter the Advanced BIOS (even if I don’t make any change or just change something as insignificant as disabling the boot splash screen) it ends up in an infinite boot loop. It’ll just reboot every 15 seconds or so, doesn’t even start POST.


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ASUS P8ZV LX boards offer the Dual Intelligent Processors design, including TPU and EPU, with exclusive integrated iGPU Boost and UEFI BIOS on mainstream ATX ZCategory: Intel-Platform. Mar 15,  · Hi, My old PCS build has the Asus P8ZV LX motherboard and I am intending to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows I have looked at the Asus website at the drivers and they only go up to Windows What is the driver support for older motherboards like the P8ZV LX in Windows 10 like. Mar 10,  · Free drivers for ASUS P8ZV LX. Found 68 files. Please select the driver to download. Additionally, you can choose Operating System to see the drivers that will be compatible with your OS. If you can not find a driver for your operating system you can ask for it on our forum.
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MeP-h1: Toshiba’s new 1GHz microprocessor for consumer electronics

Toshiba unveils 65nm-compliant programmable microprocessor (Media Embedded Processor) family of MeP, clocked at 1 GHz.

Microprocessors of the MeP family are designed for use in consumer electronics and allow you to program a number of features, for example, provide for the addition of new instructions and expansion of the amount of integrated memory.

The prototype of the microprocessor, called MeP-h1, is made according to 65nm standards, however, Toshiba notes in its press release that the product can be manufactured in compliance with the more common standards – 90nm. In this case, the maximum clock frequency may be slightly lower.

The new processor is equipped with a nine-stage instruction pipeline for high performance (previous versions of MeP had a five-stage pipeline). MeP-h1 also uses an instruction buffer (presumably used in prefetch algorithms). Processor core – 32-bit RISC, it is possible to combine several MePs in a system-on-a-chip (system-on-a-chip).

Toshiba says the new MeP family of microprocessors will be used in products such as digital television receivers and DVD recorders. By the way, Cell processors created by Toshiba in collaboration with Sony and IBM are positioned in the same market niche. That is, of course, Sony is positioning Cell for use in PlayStation 3, IBM – in blade servers, but both companies plan to use Cell in consumer electronics too.