Crop on the fly.Google’s Autoflip Can Intelligently Crop Videos on the Fly to Fit Any Aspect Ratio


Crop on the fly


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Feb 14,  · Google’s Autoflip Can Intelligently Crop Videos on the Fly to Fit Any Aspect Ratio. Google has released an open-source tool, Autoflip, that could make bad cropping a thing of the past by Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. hello a have some issues with “crop on the fly” in plugin function cropPreview(img) { var $toCrop = $(img); $r({ autoCropArea: Dec 29,  · Dec 29,  · Crop on the Fly enables you to turn vertical videos (the ones with the black lines on the sides) into horizontal ones in about the time it took you film the original footage. Pros. Fast and easy to use. Edit your vertical videos to look as if they were originally shot horizontally. You can remove the borders and never look back.


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Jul 17,  · Jul 17,  ·:scale_crop is a CDN operation URL directive.:smart, when added, enables the smart mode. For instance, let’s say we need to get a × px image. To apply the smart crop feature, your URL should look like this: :uuid/-/resize/×/smart/ Let’s put in a real UUID to set what we get. hello a have some issues with “crop on the fly” in plugin function cropPreview(img) { var $toCrop = $(img); $r({ autoCropArea: Nov 13,  · Crop on the Fly is a iPhone/iPad video app specifically made to treat Vertical Video Syndrome. The app allows you to crop a landscape portion of your vertical videos as they play, ensuring that you get the right frame every time. Upload, livestream, and create your own videos, all in HD.
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Hyperthreading Vulnerability

Hyperthreading technology from
Intel lets hackers get their hands on classified information through attack,
known as timing attack. This information was published on the Web back in
Friday and will still be presented at BSDCan 2021.

As you know, Hyperthreading technology allows a parallel process
use unused processor blocks to complete your task,
while significantly increasing the overall performance of the system (of course,
requires special software developed specifically for Hyperthreading). However, with
this uses one shared cache… It is thanks to this circumstance
an attacker can gain access to any information used in
parallel process. Colin wrote about this in some detail on his website
Colin Percival, ?
independent researcher.

According to an Intel representative, the problem was recognized as non-critical, however, Intel and
other companies are working on a patch. Colin Piercival presented
the results of their research on Friday in Ottawa at the Canadian BSDCan conference
BSD software developers. What is curious,
this vulnerability affects not only Intel processors
with Hyperthreading technology, running
Windows OS but also other processors,
using multithreading in the same way as in Hyperthreading and under
other OS.

The processor cache is divided into parts of a certain size: cache
L1, L2 and
L3. Intel Pentium 4 and Xeon processors both have
such a structure and both support Hyperthreading.

Processor processing one data stream (one process at a time)
usually clears the first level (L1) cache upon completion
operations, t.e. all instructions are cleared before executing the next task. And in
processor with hyperthreading technology, some of the instructions remain on
termination of one of the parallel threads… And at this time you can get this
information from a parallel process, making constant monitoring
used by
data, ? roughly speaking, this is how the time attack is performed.

You can read more about the hyperthreading vulnerability

As Howard High pointed out, ? Intel representative, company
was promptly informed about this problem, t.e. even before publication
information on the Web and therefore software developers and Intel itself
working to fix the problem. However, there is not much cause for concern,
especially for the average user, ? the owner of a personal computer on
based on Pentim4 HT, the problem concerns more servers on
Intel platform, not individual workstations. So or
otherwise, many companies are involved, including.h. Microsoft and
Red Hat.