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ATS/8 Tarantella is a level 30 Exotic Hunter Chest Armor. It can be Purchased from Xur for 13 Strange Coins. ATS/8 Tarantella is a Year 2 Exotic Armor released in The Taken King expansion. Perks Column 1. The Tarantella – Take reduced Arc damage from minions of the Darkness; Arc Grenades and Arc Blade recharge faster. Sep 16,  · Outside of his normal items, Xur is selling the No Backup Plans for the Titan, ATS/8 Tarantella for the Hunter, and the Heart of the Praxic Fire for our Warlock friends. 1. thewake ATS/8 Tarantella. I just got the Tarantella from an exotic engram on my titan class, and is this a glitch or is it out for everybody else? English. #Destiny #Rewards. Comment Reply .


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Piezogewebe bewirkt kontrollierte Muskelzuckungen, um die Kampfleistung zu verbessern. Automatikgewehr-Munition. Erhöht die Menge an Automatikgewehr-Munition, die du tragen kannst. ATS/8 Tarantela. El tejido piezoeléctrico induce espasmos musculares controlados que mejoran el rendimiento en combate. ATS/8 Tarantella View in 3D ATS/8 Tarantella Piezoweave induces controlled muscle spasms to improve combat performance.
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