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Crimson Guard To meet new threats, one must seek out new defenses. Originally forged during the chaos of New Bloom to defend against the dreaded Year Beast, the Crimson Guard is now ready to join the ancient war. Suit up in this armor, and you’ll be ready to rally your forces and lead the charge against the enemy. 31 rows · Oct 09,  · View full stats, matches and players for Team Crimson Guard. Sep 28,  · Crimson Guard (someone add icon to database ffs) I think is a very powerful item. It’s like a physical dmg version of Pipe of Insight, also related to the nearness of the price. But people buy it much because its new item. Soon, trench tier will be out of Crimson Guard just like Pipe of Insight.


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Active: Guard – For 12 seconds, grant nearby allied heroes and buildings a % chance to block 70 damage from each incoming attack. Units may only be affected by Guard once every 45 seconds. Goes through Spell Immunity. 31 rows · Oct 09,  · View full stats, matches and players for Team Crimson Guard. Mar 06,  · General Crimson Guard is an upgrade Item purchasable from the Armor section in the Home Shop. It is a common support item used to help teams last longer during ganks, pushes, and team fights because of its powerful damage block ability along with its good bonus hp and armor.
Treasure of the Forged Fury
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Crimson Guard – DOTABUFF – Dota 2 Stats
Crimson Guard
Crimson Guard, Force Boots, Desolator 2 In Regular Matches
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