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MIPS32 24KE: microprocessor cores with integrated DSP ASE

MIPS has introduced a new family of MIPS32 24KE microprocessor cores, which integrate MIPS DSP Application-Specific Extension (ASE). Presumably, the microprocessor core will be designed for use in PDAs with advanced multimedia functions, multimedia smartphones and digital music and video players.

Since the integration of a digital signal processor (DSP) into the microprocessor core eliminates the need for additional DSP in a system-on-a-chip (SoC), it is argued that SoCs based on the 24KE core have a smaller chip size, are easier to manufacture and program. In addition, the performance of the integrated DSP ASE, according to MIPS, is 200% better than the performance of the “external” (that is, not integrated into the core) DSP.

Main characteristics of MIPS32 24KEc:

  • Process technology: 0.13 microns
  • Clock frequency: 400-625 MHz
  • Performance: 576-900 DMIPS @ 1.44 DMIPS / MHz, 800-1250 16-bit MMAC
  • Crystal size: 3.0 sq. mm
  • Power consumption: 0.58 mW / MHz @ 1.2 V supply voltage

The MIPS32 24KE family includes the following cores: 24KEc, 24KEf, 24KEc Pro and 24KEf Pro.

  • 24KEf: added IEEE 754 hardware floating point module
  • 24KE Pro: 24KEc Pro and 24KEf Pro have CorExtend functionality allowing SoC designers to add custom instructions