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ASUS to release motherboards based on AGEIA PhysX processor

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) these days, AGEIA Technologies, Inc., engaged in the development of hardware solutions for calculating “physics” in games, announced that ASUS Computer will be the first partner of AGEIA on the PhysX project. Details are yet to come, but it is already known that ASUS will develop and market a motherboard based on AGEIA PhysX ? the first and so far the only specialized processor in the world for calculating physical models in games. According to the developers, players who will use ASUS AGEIA PhysX based expansion cards will receive unrivaled effects and realistic virtual environment in the next generation of games. Ready-made ASUS products will be available this year, coinciding with the release of versions of popular games with support for AGEIA technology.

AGEIA Technologies, Inc ? a company that does not have its own production facilities, a pioneer in the direction of hardware accelerators for calculating physical models in games. Flagship product of the company ? PhysX processor essentially opens up a new category in PC hardware. PhysX processor and accompanying software for high-performance real-time calculations of physical worlds. The developers fully control the parameters of the world, which allows you to recreate the classic laws, or create your own, giving the game a unique atmosphere of hyperspace.

As a reminder, ASUS ? a major figure in the market of motherboards, graphics adapters and other computer equipment. The company has been in the PC market since 1989. The support of such a reputable company as ASUS can have a significant effect on the popularization of the AGEIA PhysX processor.

Source: AGEIA Technologies, Inc.