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Hp compaq 6910p bios





Hp compaq 6910p bios.


Cyberhand Viper Game Controller

Cyberhand Technologies International Inc., specializing in the design and manufacture of peripherals for mobile and desktop computers, announced the release of new controllers for Sony PlayStation2 game consoles. According to the company, the new controller, the Viper, will be the first product to use Cyberhand’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology. It is this feature that allows the controller to adapt to the player’s play style, learning his movements and adapting his behavior to the user’s skill level. The result is high management efficiency.

The device is equipped with the new Cybernetic Link software, which allows one player to use two controllers at the same time. As noted by the manufacturer, this feature also sets the Viper apart from other controllers on the market.

The design of the controller is made in compliance with the requirements of ergonomics, which makes its long-term use safe for health and prevents the development of the so-called tunnel syndrome.

Source: Cyberhand Technologies International Inc.