Iwork 09 serial numbers.iWork ’09 boxed copies don’t need serial numbers


Iwork 09 serial numbers


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May 04,  · This gives you the serial code to the program iWork I’ve been searching of this all over the internet and i finally came across this so i though you all. Dec 18,  · Dec 18,  · I have installed the trial version of iWork 09 on my iMac to test if it works correctly and it does. Now I want to buy a serial number, so that I can use it permanently. When I click on the link for purchase I get directed to the Apple site where only newer versions are visible. *****HERES THE INFO YOU GUYS NEED*****update!*****im been noticing that the 3rd only works but idk just try different abo.


Iwork 09 serial numbers.iWork ’09 Serial Number? – Apple Community

Jan 20,  · Making good on the title with a few short sentences, Apple states that retail boxes of iWork ’09 no longer come with serial numbers. “Install iWork ’09 Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Jan 20,  · iWork ’09 is the first version of Apple’s work software suite which, in its boxed version, doesn’t require a serial number in order to work. Mar 21,  · Hi guys! I’m in Singapore on holiday at the moment, along with my new MacBook Pro, and I’ve just gone and and purchase iWork ‘ I’ve installed it no probs, but when I go to open any of the programs, I’m asked for a serial number, which I don’t seem to have.
Apple stops requiring serial numbers for boxed iWork ’09
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How do I buy a serial number for iWork 09? – Apple Community

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How do I find serial number for iWork ’09? – Apple Community
Knurr Water Cooled Cabinet – IBM Wasn’t First

The solution from IBM described yesterday for water cooling of a server cabinet was not the first on the market, as our reader Alexander Evtikhiev, who works at UNI Corporation, rightly pointed out to us. For some time now, a similar solution has been on sale from Knurr, a German manufacturer of server cabinets and other infrastructure for server and communication rooms.

Knurr Miracel CoolTherm also known as PrimeCenter LC from Fujitsu Siemens Computers, was announced at CeBIT and represents a completely different approach to heat distribution.

This standard 19 ”cabinet with 38U or 46U height at the bottom contains an air cooling unit based on tubes with circulating water in them 6U or 9U (differ in power) and is designed for a closed air recirculation loop. It only requires connection to an external water circulation and cooling system, for example, one that also then rotates in a closed loop and removes heat outside the server room. The goal is the same – tighter placement of the racks. Besides being a quality standard cabinet, the technical characteristics of the cooling system are as follows:

  • volume of rejected heat up to 20 kW
  • temperature of water entering the cabinet heat exchanger 12 ° C (preferred)
  • outlet water temperature 18 ° С
  • maximum pressure loss 30 KPa
  • water flow from 0.5 to 0.8 liters / s
  • Air perimeter from 2000 m3 / h to 5500 m3 / h
  • air outlet from 20 ° to 25 ° С

Knurr experts see a profound meaning in placing the cooling unit at the bottom, and not in the door or top cover of the cabinet: even the most reliable system malfunctions, and if water flows out, then on the floor, and not on the servers in the cabinet. Such an interesting decision, which, unfortunately, passed our attention.

Still, IBM is the first in that its “Cool Blue” can be used with any standard 19 ”cabinet.