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M-Audio Torq Xponent overview and full product specs on CNET. COVID Best Products. All the best products. Award winners Best 5G. Download M-Audio Xponent Driver / (Sound Card) Fixes: • Fixed bug that caused the Xponent control panel not to reflect buffer size changes made by Pro Tools or ASIO applications while the panel was running. M-Audio Xponent, advanced mapping # MelGrubb wants to merge 20 commits into mixxxdj: master from MelGrubb: master. +4, −0. Conversation 53 Commits 20 Checks 0 Files changed 3. Conversation. MelGrubb added 3 commits on Feb 15, M-Audio Xponent (Advanced) mapping added. c99a Refactoring and cleanup.



10 rows · M-Audio designed the Xponent control surface with full-size, DJ CD-player-style controls so you /5(44). Torq Xponent is a cutting-edge performance system that brings professional-grade control to the world of the computer-based DJ. Engineered by M-Audio’s SynchroScience Design Group, it won the Remix Technology Award in the DJ Control Surface category.4/5(23). Acclaimed audio interfaces, studio monitors, and keyboard controllers.
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Intel officially starts shipping a dual-core processor and chipset for it

Intel today announced in an official press release that PC makers Alienware, Dell and Velocity Micro have begun selling desktops and workstations based on Intel dual-core platforms. These systems are intended for those for whom computers are a lifelong business, as well as for avid computer entertainment enthusiasts.

“Today is a historic day for the computer industry: systems based on dual-core processors are available for the first time. Thus, the PC acquired “two brains” instead of one, “said Don MacDonald, vice president of Intel’s Digital Home Group.” For Intel, this event is of particular importance because it happened on the eve of the fortieth anniversary of Moore’s Law. The essence of this law is that an increase in computing power does not require a proportional increase in the cost of equipment. It follows that PCs based on dual-core processors will soon be ubiquitous. “.

Intel’s first dual-core platform includes Intel® Pentium® Extreme Edition 840 processor @ 3.2 GHz and Intel® 955X Express Chipset.


Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840 processor

  • Clock frequency: 3.2 GHz
  • Front Side Bus: 800 MHz
  • Cache: 2MB L2 cache (1MB per core)
  • Possibilities to increase productivity:
  • Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology
  • Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Security Enhancements: Execute Disable Bit
  • Die size: about 206 mm2
  • Number of transistors: about 230 million
  • Manufacturing technology: 90nm


Intel 955X Express Chipset

  • Front Side Bus: 800 and 1066 MHz
  • Memory:
  • Dual Channel DDR 2-667 / 533 with Error Correction Code (ECC)
  • Up to 8 GB of system memory
  • Intel Memory Pipeline Technology to Improve System Performance
  • I / O technologies:
  • PCI-Express x 16 graphics bus
  • Supports 6 PCI-Express x 1 expansion slots
  • 8 Hi-Speed ​​USB 2 Ports.0
  • Sound subsystem: Intel High – Definition Audio for standard 7 surround sound.one
  • Serial ATA:
  • Four Serial ATA ports; data transfer rate for each port 3 Gbps
  • Intel Matrix Storage Technology
  • Disk arrays RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 and Intel Matrix RAID Technology, which improves the performance of system applications and storage devices while maintaining data integrity
  • Supports Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI)

“This platform provides PC users with high-quality video and sound, enabling 3D rendering for digital design and games,” McDonald said. “It has increased power and capabilities to enable people to get more out of their PCs. The new platform will be able to change the use of PCs at home and at work.

Dual-core and multi-core processors have two or more full-featured computing cores on a single die, allowing them to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Combined with Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology, which allows each compute core to act as two logical processors, the Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840 processor can execute four program threads concurrently, providing more efficient resource utilization than single-core processors.

Intel is currently developing more than 15 multi-core projects that span the desktop, mobile computing and server sectors. Already in the current quarter, Intel will present a mass platform with a dual-core Intel Pentium D processor, based on which systems from leading PC manufacturers will be available.

Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840 is priced at $ 999, Intel 955X Express Chipset is priced at $ 50 on 1,000 shipments. Intel today announced the availability of a desktop board based on this chipset to PC makers and system integrators.