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Songs: Intro: ?v=oxoqm05c7yAOutro: ?v=lm7vPMKIRTIDiscord: made by: P. Sep 01,  · PAYDAY 2. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews You’ll keep your perk deck progress and inventory. The only think you lose is money (again, up until 5), and your level. So yeah, you can keep leveling up perk decks . Mar 24,  · Description Images (2) License Dependencies & Instructions Adds a button to fully reset any perk deck that has points allocated. It’s like the opposite of “Maximize Perk Deck”.


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Sep 30,  · Without a perk deck, an ICTV with either Underdog aced or Frenzy basic breaks in 2 hits from a heavy ZEAL. This is the baseline against which all perk decks are compared to. Factors that improve a deck’s rating in this criterion include: invulnerability, armor/damage reduction bonuses, dodge bonuses, health regeneration bonuses, armor. Perk Deck Mixer Peacemaker. 7 months ago. Shadow Reaper Custom Perk Deck (+SSO Patch) Le_BarnOwl + 2. 8 7 months ago. Critical Perk Deck Dr_Newbie. 16 8 months ago. Fully Charged Perk Deck Dr_Newbie. 2 8 . Songs: Intro: ?v=oxoqm05c7yAOutro: ?v=lm7vPMKIRTIDiscord: made by: P.
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