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Pioneer avh-x5700bhs update.


The cost of a PC on a 915 chipset is already less than $ 500

According to a source citing retailers, the average cost of PCs based on Intel 915 chipsets and Pentium 4 processors with LGA775 interface decreased in the first quarter of this year compared to the fourth quarter of 2021 by 20-30%, falling below the $ 500 mark. At the same time, the mentioned system cost includes the price of PCI Express graphics adapter and DDR2 memory modules. True, a PC at this price can only be bought in the Asia-Pacific region – our cost will still be over $ 500.

There is a separate mention of the cost of DDR2 memory – the price of a 256 MB module is about $ 55, which is 30% lower than last year. The average retail price of entry-level PCI Express graphics cards has also dropped 30% at the start of the year to around $ 80. At the same time, the cost of motherboards based on 915 chipsets decreased by only 5-15%.

Apparently, the lag in the rate of decline in prices for these motherboards is due to high demand – contrary to seasonal traditions, the share of sales of motherboards on 915 chipsets continues to grow – in Europe, Japan and the USA, about half of all boards sold are made on 915 chipsets. At the same time, in the emerging markets of China and India, buyers continue to give preference to systems based on the 865 chipset, but after such a sharp drop in prices, the situation may begin to change.

Let’s summarize DigiTimes’ data on price reductions (compared to the fourth quarter of 2021) for various components:

  • 256MB DDR2 – 30%
  • PCI-E graphics adapter – 30%
  • Mainboard on 915 chipset – 15%
  • Power supply – 15%
  • Housing – 5%