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Transcend DDR2-667 MHz: memory modules for high-end PCs and workstations

Transcend Announces New Unbuffered DDR2-667 MHz Long-DIMMs for High-Performance Workstations and High-End Desktop Systems.

DDR2-667 modules are available in 1 GB (TS128MLQ64V6J and TS128MLQ72V6J, for desktops and workstations, respectively) and 512 MB (TS64MLQ72V6J and TS64MLQ72V6J), with transfer rates up to 10.6 GB / s (dual channel). The supply voltage is 1.8 V, the chip form factor is FBGA (Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array).

Additionally, the used DDR2 memory chips use ODT (On-Die Termination) technology, which minimizes signal reflections and improves timings. Transcend’s DDR2-667 memory modules consist of 64Mx8 DDR2 FBGA chips on a six-layer printed circuit board (PCB).