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Wd tv firmware updates


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To update the firmware via a USB device: Download the latest firmware update compressed file for your WD TV Live Streaming Media Player. – Extract the files .BI2,.BIN,.VER,.FFF, Feb 28,  · Firmware is the latest firmware for the WDTV Live Streaming Media Player () Firmware is the latest firmware for the WDTV Media Player () (Which is your Device eg. this Player does not have Netflix, the other one does) The firmwares are not cross compatible. Paskal February 28, , pm #3. Oct 19,  · Go to: htps:// which is the main online support page. Enter in the search knowledge base field and that will bring up very details instructions on how to apply that firmware manually–you just put it on a Pen Drive and the WD TV Media Player will do any heavy lifting from there.


Wd tv firmware updates.Latest firmware for WD TV LIVE MEDIA PLAYER – WD TV Live & Live Plus – WD Community

Jun 04,  · Navigate to the Support page and select the Software & Downloads section to update WD tv HD media player custom firmware. Choose your product model and click Download next to the available firmware. The firmware will be downloaded as a compressed file. Connect a USB drive to your computer. Now, extract the zip file. Aug 19,  · WDTV Live Hub (Model number WDBABZBBK, WDBACABBK) Remember all of these are DISCONTINUED products meaning Firmware updates ceased years ago so what you need to do 1ST is. Identify “What” Deviceyou have by looking at the P/N on the device. Identify “What” Firmwareyou are running go to SETUP > ABOUT. There are two steps to this update. You’ll find detailed instructions below. Update the drive firmware; Update the software. This update is only for products that originally shipped with WD SmartWare and will not function on previous generations of products. This update does not work on My Book for Mac, My Passport for Mac or My Book Studio.

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Liebert UPS add-on helps them adapt to different types of load

Emerson Network Power, a supplier of air conditioners and uninterruptible power supplies, in an official press release announced the availability of a new X-Treme Power Factor option for Liebert Hipulse E uninterruptible power supplies, ensuring the compatibility of these devices (i.e.e. they have no losses in active output power) with new types of loads.

Emerson’s design is based on the principle that uninterruptible power supplies must be selected according to the type of load from the protected devices. At the same time, the nature of the load from different devices may differ, and this should not affect the performance of the UPS.

For example, today’s data centers, server blades and applications in general are consuming more and more power. If in the past the power factor of their power supplies averaged 0.7-0.8, then for modern computers this figure is very close to unity. Therefore, the new X-Treme Power Factor option allows the Liebert Hipulse UPS to at least not reduce the return of its active power to the load, i.e.e. let them cope with such a load.

Another X-Treme Power Factor innovation is to increase the flexibility of uninterruptible power supplies by adjusting the output power factor to match the current load on the UPS.

Some modern data centers have capacitive (lead) loads, while most traditional computers have inductive loads, i.e.e. “lagging current from voltage”.

The advanced nature of the load occurs when capacitive elements prevail over inductive ones in the electrical circuit. In this case, such a load is called leading (capacitive), because in a two-dimensional graph, the phase current is always ahead of the voltage.

The X-Treme Power Factor option can be ordered for installation in the Liebert Hipulse E UPS in one of two options. With the first option, the UPS can supply inductive loads (current lags behind voltage) with a load power factor of 0.9 and up to a power factor of 1.0 (fully resistive load). This solution is optimal for standard data centers with both old and new types of servers, as well as with other non-computer load connected to the UPS.

The second option of the X-Treme Power Factor option allows the UPS to operate (without loss of nominal active output power) from capacitive loads with a power factor of 0.9 (typical for modern servers) to loads with a power factor of 0.9 ( inductive character). This option is most applicable for newly created data centers or server rooms with a total power factor close to unity.