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HP’s profitability in the last quarter was driven by computer sales

HP, the world’s No. 2 printer manufacturer and # 2 after Dell in computer shipments, announces 2Q results. Turnover increased compared to the same period last year to 7.2%, to 21.6 billion. dollars, net profit rose to 966 million. Doll., by 9.3% compared to 884 million.

Carly Fiorina, who stepped down as CEO in February, was replaced on March 29 by Mark Hurd. Its financial recovery program primarily includes cost reductions, and in this vein, 1,900 workers in the printer division have been laid off, as well as printer prices have been reduced to increase market share. In addition, in the next quarter, additional employees will be reduced in all divisions, for these purposes it is planned to spend 100 million. Doll.

Operating profit of the division of sales of printers fell to 814 million. Doll., against the background of the division’s sales growth by 12% to 6.39 billion. Doll. This was due to a reduction in the rate of return from 15.6% to 12.7%. Income from sales of consumables and parts grew 4% on the back of 56% increase in sales in terms of items. Mark Heard dismissed rumors of a spin-off of this division and noted that the course to increase sales will begin to yield results by the end of the year.

Operating profit of the computer sales division grows to 147 million. Doll. against the backdrop of an increase in profitability to 2.3% compared with less than 1% a year earlier. This is due to an increase in the share of laptops and high-performance workstations in the total supply structure. Notebook sales rose to 2.12 billion. Doll. from 2.01 billion.

The software division reduced losses to 6 million. Doll. from 52 million., management hopes to bring it to profitability by the end of the year.

Server hardware sales increased by 6.5% to 825 million., Server and Storage Division revenue grew 5.5% to 184 million. Doll. despite declining storage sales.

The company’s total profit margin was 5.4%. “Much of our future success is in our own hands.”, ? concluded by Mark Heard.