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Zeblaze cosmo smart watch.Smartwatch to fit all your needs —— Zeblaze

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Not all RADEON X800s are as expected…

Old-timers remember how not so long ago we were outraged by the fact that the GeForce 6800LE (8 pipelines) appeared on sale under the guise of 6800 (12 pipelines).
Then there was an epic with the Sapphire RADEON 9800 PRO 128bit, when the scandal broke out on the entire network.

And now the situation repeats itself, only a new player – RADEON X800. Everyone knows that this is a whole series, a line that unites all cards within a given subset of several features, one of which is a 256-bit memory bus. We know that X700 already has a 128-bit bus, X800 and higher – with a 256-bit.

Back in March of this year, we studied Gigabyte RADEON X800 256MB PCI-E. We found out that the PCB is from the X800 XL, only the chip has a reduced number of pipelines from 16 to 12. But this is a 256 MB product, which is quite expensive, and it was interesting to study a similar card, but with 128 MB on board.

And so, the developers of the same company take and simply do not solder half of the memory chips to the board. It turns out, of course, a card with 128 megabytes of GDDR3. BUT THIS DOES CUT THE BUS TO 128 BITS! Take a look! Nothing seems to be noticeable under a large cooler (compare with the board from the above article!)

And if you take it off?

We can already see with the naked eye that the tire is cut. RivaTuner confirmed it. The board is now in our testlab, soon there will be material showing how much a trimmed tire affects speed.

ATI today was somewhat puzzled by this news, and even there was some confusion. They promised to figure it out.

And Gigabyte should still be ashamed to sell a cut-down product under the same name, without declaring in any way (except for the website) that this is a DEFECTIVE X800! The awful thing is that outwardly both the 256- and 128-megabyte cards from this company are the same, and the lack of memory chips is hidden under the cooler.